Singapore Lee Gibson Agility Challenge Shield 2017


The Singapore Lee Gibson Agility Challenge Shield 2017 is a competition open to all agility lovers to pit their skills at masters level Jumping and Agility courses speciallly designed by world renowned judge, Lee Gibson.

There are a total of 9 Jumping courses and 9 Agility courses, held over 3 seasons from 25 March to 21 October, culminating to the Grand Finals on 18 November.

There are 3 categories: Small, Medium and Large.


Each season has 3 matches. Each match comprises a Jumping event and an Agility event.  At the end of each season, there will be a Season Winner for Jumping and a Season Winner for Agility.



The obstacles that may be included in Agility are: A-frame, Dogwalk, See-saw, Open tunnels, Jumps, Spread jump, Long jump, Wall jump, Tyre jump, Weave poles.

The obstacles that may be included in Jumping are as above, excluding the A-frame, Dogwalk and See-saw.


Jump Heights.jpg


Each course fault* incurs a 5s penalty. Wrong course incurs a 15s penalty instead of elimination. The dog must continue the course from the exact point of wrong course, and all obstacles must be completed during the round for a score to count.

* Course faults include: refusals, wrong weave entries, popping out of weaves (maximum penalty of 10s for weaves), displaced bars, missed down contacts (up contacts are not judged), flying see-saw, backing out from tunnel entrance (at least 1 paw touch the ground), turning 180 degrees on the A-frame, dogwalk or teeter

Time fault is incurred if the dog’s time when it crosses the last obstacle exceeds the SCT.  The penalty awarded is computed as: Dog’s time – SCT.

All penalties incurred will be added to the dog’s time to get the total score.

Elimination is awarded if a dog fouls in the ring or when not all the obstacles are completed.

Competitors have 2 attempts at each course. A 5s add-on time will be included in the second attempt.  The team with the lowest time+fault score will be placed First. It is possible that a speedier run with course faults be ranked higher than a less speedy run without course fault.

The team with the highest total points accumulated for that season will be crowned the Season winner.  Each season shall have 6 season winners – one for each height category in Agility, and one for each height category in Jumping. In the event of a tie in the points, the team with the best average speed for that season wins.


In each height category, the top 6 competitors from Jumping and the top 6 competitors from Agility will qualify for the Grand Finals. In the event of a tie for the 6th spot, all competitors with the same points will qualify.

Qualification points are computed by accumulating the best of 6 matches out of 9 matches.

Grand Finalists will have to complete one run in Jumping AND one run in Agility. The combined timings for the two runs will determine the Grand Champion for each height category.

The Grand Champions win the Challenge Shields, and their names will be engraved on the plates of the Shields.  They get to keep the Shields until the next cycle when the new champions are crowned.