Dog Agility Seminar & Workshop* / Dog Run

You will:

- Be orientated what is Dog Agility and the Obstacles

- Discover the potential of your Dog

- Get a hands-on experience; suitable for dogs of all ages (puppies too)

- Discover how it can improve

- the bonding between you and your dog, and 

- your dog's confidence as well

Entry fee at $38 per dog (can come alone, with friends or family; be prepared to run with your dog :)

$5 OFF (i.e. $33) for a 2nd dog if you register it in this same form.


*We will contact you on the date / time of this group event upon your interest. This event is only open to handlers and dogs that have not participated in any official titling / qualification competitions before.

Your Name *
Your Name
We acknowledge that participating in activities at the venue involves a risk of personal injury to myself and injury to any accompanying dogs. I hereby agree to assume all risks involved in participating in the event, to indemnify and hold harmless the organizer from any and all liabilities or claims including those made by a third party as a result of participating in this event. My dog is in good health, is on external parasite prevention, and (for bitches only) not on heat. *
Payment details
Payment by bank transfer. IMPORTANT: Indicate dog name in transaction reference. Bank account is shown in the next page after pressing the SUBMIT button.