fun dog race

(30 Dec)

This information sheet covers

*important information of the venue

*the programme guide

*the rules for the two fun Races


Important Information of the Venue

1) To enable everyone to enjoy this special indoor venue, all dogs must be on leash or in crate when they are in the premiseS, even in the fenced area. Dogs are unleashed only when they are competing in the event in the fenced area. 

2) Dogs are to relief themselves in the turf areas at the carpark outside the premises. It is strictly prohibited within the premises. Any accidents of this nature should be cleaned using the pee pads to soak up the pee first, followed by the use of cleaning sprays provided at the premises.

3) All poos should be immediately picked up and disposed of in the appropriate trash containers outside of the premises. If this occurs inside the premises, a cleaning spray should be used after disposal of solid waste.

4) Dog handlers are required to ensure that all dogs are supervised and controlled at all times, and use all due caution in assuring that aggressive dogs do not harm people or other dogs on the premises; where necessary, remove them.

5) only competition dogs are allowed in the premiseS.

6) Dogs must be on external parasite prevention and in good health. Bitches in season are not allowed.  

7) Food falling to the floor / turf should be picked up immediately.

8) The conduct of Registrant and his / her guest(s) while on the premises shall be the responsibility of the Registrant.  Registrant and his / her guest(s) who are detriment to the good operation of the premises will be a cause for eviction by Singapore Indoor Dog Agility Arena Pte Ltd, including denial of future entry to the premises arising from serious or repeated violations. 


Programme Guide

(check your running order at THE notice board)

6.30 - 7pm

report & WARM-UP for all categories

7 - 7.05PM

judge's briefing for race 1

7.05 - 7.10PM

walk-the-course for race 1

7.10 - 8.20PM

Race 1 (RUN 1 & RUN 2)

8.20 - 8.30pm

report & WARM-UP for RACE 2 (judge changes course to race 2)

8.30 - 8.35pm

judge's briefing for race 2

8.35 - 8.40pm

walk-the-course for race 2

8.40 - 10PM

race 2 (RUn 1 & Run 2) 


rules for the two fun Races

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 11.17.04 PM.png

1. jumping height is set at 20 cm.

2. Handlers are allowed to use toys or treats.

3. For safety of the dogs, no leash and pulling of collar / harness is allowed.

4. Immediate disqualification if dog pees or poos in the ring.

5. Five-second penalty for touching the dog, regardless of the number of times.

6. Ten-second penalty for each wrong course.

7. Fastest time (including faults) of the two runs determines the winner.