National Day

Dog Carnival

12 Aug (Saturday)

4.30 pm

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Please submit a separate registration for each dog. 

Participant's Name *
Participant's Name
Register for Fastest Fetch Event ($8 per dog) *
Handler is to place any two toys or objects 15m away from the handler. Dog is to fetch them one at time in succession.
Register for My Dog Got Talent Event ($8 per dog) *
Handler is given 60s to show its dog talents to the audience who will be the judge :)
Register for Tunnel Fun Race (2 Runs; $30 per dog) *
Register for Carnival Only (No event) ($2 per dog; waived if you participate in any of the above events :) *
Height Category (for Fastest Fetch)
Height Category (for Tunnel Fun Race)
We acknowledge that participating in activities at the venue involves a risk of personal injury to myself and injury to any accompanying dogs. I hereby agree to assume all risks involved in participating in the event, to indemnify and hold harmless the organizer from any and all liabilities or claims including those made by a third party as a result of participating in this event. My dog is in good health, is on external parasite prevention, and (for bitches only) not on heat. *
Payment Details
Please pay your registration at the entrance to the venue. Thank you.