Singapore Lee Gibson Agility Challenge 2017

Match 3

Program on 29 April 2017 (Saturday)

5.30pm to 5.45pm

Registration (for Jumping)

5.45pm to 5.50pm

Judge Briefing

5.50pm to 6.00pm

Walk-the-course for Jumping

6.00pm to 6.50pm

Run 1 (Jumping)

6.50pm to 7.40pm

Run 2 (Jumping)

7.40pm to 8.00pm

Course setup for Agility

8.00pm to 8.05pm

Judge Briefing

8.05pm to 8.15pm

Walk-the-course for Agility

8.15pm to 8.25pm

Prize Presentation for Jumping and Season Champions

8.30pm to 9.15pm

Run 1 (Agility)

9.15pm to 10.00pm

Run 2 (Agility)

10.00pm to 10.15pm

Calculate results

10.15pm to 10.25pm

Prize Presentation for Agility and Season Champions

10.00pm to 11.00pm

Free tries on agility course

Running Order

Note: Run 1 and Run 2 will be in the same order as indicated.

Running Order for Jumping.jpeg

Information about the Venue

1) Dogs are to relief themselves in the turf areas at the carpark outside the premises. It is strictly prohibited within the fenced artificial turf. Any occurrence of the offence will incur a DQ (i.e. disqualification).   

2) No dog shall be allowed to relief itself in the holding area. Any accidents of this nature should be cleaned using the pee pads and cleaning sprays provided at the premises.

3) All poos should be immediately picked up and disposed of in the appropriate trash containers outside of the premises. If this occurs inside, a disinfectant should be used after disposal of solid waste.

4) Dog handlers are required to ensure that all dogs are supervised and controlled at all times, and use all due caution in assuring that aggressive dogs do not harm people or other dogs on the premises; where necessary, remove them.

5) Dogs are not allowed in other areas within the Marina Country Club, except the carpark area outside the premises.

6) All dogs must be on leash or in crate when not in the fenced area. They must enter and exit the premises on leash. 

7) Dogs with external parasites and bitches on heat are not allowed on the premises. 

8) Food falling to the floor / turf should be picked up immediately.