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UKI Trials

The next overseas judge who is coming to Singapore is a name that immediately puts a smile on everyone's face. He is none other than Petr Pupik from the Czech Republic 🇨🇿 ! Everyone in the world of agility knows him, as he's a very popular judge in big and important competitions, attended by top handlers and teams. He's a very kind man and he makes everyone who enters his ring feels at ease. The competitions will be on the weekends of 23rd and 24th Feb.

Those who remember running his courses at the BTSC horse show last year would readily agree that his courses are very open, exciting, fun and flow. What goes on in his thinking process when he designs courses and how does he add challenges without making them awkward? Judges, non-judges and even trainers who wish to better their skills at designing courses are in for a treat! He will be conducting a workshop on course design on 28th Feb from 6-11pm.

He will also be conducting agility seminars on 25th, 26th and 27th Feb, sharing the critical skills needed to tackle the types of courses these days, and having witnessed top handlers first hand, is in the best position to cover the important aspects of course management. If you are interested in his seminars/workshop, please drop a PM.

Details and registration are as listed below.

Date of trials: 23 & 24 feb 2019

time: 5pm - 10pm*

*Please note that start times might be adjusted forward or later depending on sign-ups and weather conditions

venue: 100 ulu pandan road @Matchbox

closing date of registration: SUNday, 17th february 2019

registration closed!!!