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In collaboration with Bukit Timah Saddle Club, the Singapore Dog Carnival would be held on 5th to 6th May at the same time and venue as the Singapore Horse Show. There will be lots of fun, food and activities!

In conjunction with the Singapore Dog Carnival, we will be holding the First Euro Agility Challenge Series. This is an Open-course competition based on FCI rules, unless otherwise stated, and dogs of all breeds are eligible. We are pleased that International Judge Petr Pupik has kindly agreed to design the courses in the first of this series of competitions. Competitors can look forward to european-style courses set in a 40m x 40m ring. 

There will also be FREE public tryouts, Fun races and Tunnel races which are suitable for newbies and dogs of all ages.

See poster for timing of the programmes and sign-up below to participate.

Date of Carnival: 5 to 6 May 2018

Time: 9am - 5.30pm

Venue: Bukit Timah Saddle Club

Closing Date of Registration: 2 May 2018

Details of the dog events

  • Euro Agility Challenge

  • Tunnel Challenge

  • Fun Race



Euro Agility Challenge

  1. Height classes: Small (<35cm), Medium (<43cm), Large
  2. Jump height: 25cm (small), 35cm (medium), 55cm (large)
  3. Minimum age: 15 months
  4. 'Select' option: Jumping one height lower; and 3 seconds added to dog's time
  5. Scoring: time+faults; elimination incurs 100 faults
  6. Events: Agility 1, Jumping 1, Agility 2, Jumping 2, Speedstakes (jumps and tunnels only)
  7. Total Scores of 5 events determines the overall winners
  8. Participants who are not able to join all 5 events may sign up for the individual events
  9. Prizes awarded to top 3 winners of each height class at each event
  10. Grand prizes awarded to top 3 overall winners of each height class

Tunnel Challenge

  1. Height classes: Small (<35cm), Medium (<43cm), Large
  2. No minimum age
  3. Scoring: time+faults; refusals are not judged; each wrong course (all 4 paws in the tunnel) incurs 10 faults; competitors who do not complete all the tunnels in sequence incurs 100 faults
  4. Events: Tunnel 1, Tunnel 2, Tunnel Finals
  5. Total Scores of 3 events determines the overall winners
  6. Prizes awarded to top 3 winners of each height class at each event
  7. Grand prizes awarded to top 3 overall winners of each height class

Fun Race

  1. Classes: Beginners, ABCs, Border Collies, Shelties
  2. Beginners are newbies who have no/little prior experiences and have never participated in any fun/official races
  3. Jump height: 20cm, no bars for puppies
  4. No minimum age
  5. Jumps and tunnels only
  6. Toys and treats are allowed
  7. Scoring: time+faults; refusals are not judged
  8. Prizes awarded to top 3 winners of each class
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Singapore DOG Carnival

5-6 may 2018


This information sheet covers

*important information of the venue

*programme guide

*RULEs & Regulations


Important Information of the Venue

1) Please bring your own crate, clean up supplies, & water for your dog. All dog owners and handlers are also responsible for cleaning up after their dog(s). All poos should be immediately picked up and disposed of in the appropriate trash containers.

2) All dogs must be kept on leash or crated when not in the ring in the fenced area.

3) Dogs must be in good health. Bitches in season are not allowed.  

4) Food falling in the ring should be picked up immediately during the fun race.

5) Chairs are not provided, please bring your own foldable chairs for your own comfort.

6) Competitors are responsible for the behaviour of their dogs, children and guests. Any competitor whose dogs, children, or guests create unnecessary disturbances or repeatedly engage in unsafe or disruptive behaviour may, at the discretion of the show management, be asked to remove the offending dogs / children / guests from the event grounds. No refund of fees will be made in such a case.

7) Any person who violates any of the above rules will be asked to leave the premises. Competitors who violate these rules will be excused without benefit of refund. 


Programme Guide

Please see poster above for the timings of the various events.

Please report at least half an hour before your event(s).


rules & regulations

  • Electric collars are prohibited.

  • Pinch and spray collars or other such devices are not permitted within 50m of the competition ring. Owners in breach of this rule will be asked to leave the showground, without refund.

  • No person shall carry out punitive correction or harsh handling of a dog at any time within the boundaries of the show.

  • The following is a partial list of infractions on which the judge or Show officials may take action:

    • Abuse or harsh handling of a dog on the grounds

    • Actions that may have the appearance of abuse of a dog

    • Intimidation and/or impolite confrontation of judges, event officials, event helpers, or other competitors

    • Wilful misconduct or interference with another handler’s right to compete

    • Language or behaviour in the ring construed to be detrimental to the spirit of good sportsmanship or that threatens to reduce the spectator appeal of the event

    • Violation of procedural rules

    • Violation of any rules of the property/facility where the event is being held, including ignoring no smoking area signage, failure to pick up after your dog, taking your dog into off-limits areas, damage to facility property, etc.

    • Compulsive, correctional training on the grounds

    • Creating excessive delays as a failure to respect the authority of event officials

    • Wilful misrepresentation on entry forms

    • Wilful misrepresentation of animals

    • Dog aggression

    • Failure to exercise diligence in the control of the behaviour of their dog

There will be no refunds for entries withdrawn and neither in the event a dog and/or handler is dismissed from the competition for any of the above infractions.

Liability Waiver

All dogs are entered in the Show at their owners’ risk. While every care will be taken, the organizer will not accept responsibility for loss, damage, or injury however caused to dogs, persons, or property while at the event.